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Why list with John Lewis & Associates?


Facilitating the successful sale of your home depends on a few factors, otherwise the property may not sell, or achieve a lower sales price than would have been possible. John Lewis & Associates is an expert at readying your home for the sale, pricing it appropriately and then implementing and executing a unique and effective marketing plan.


Here are the key steps to selling a home and how John Lewis & Associates can help make the process easier:


  1. Pre-market Consultation - First impressions count. We’ve seen thousands of properties, and are uniquely skilled in helping sellers understand what they can do to properly prepare their home for sale. To schedule a pre-market consultation and learn more, click here.

  2. Learn your home’s True Value - Get help in establishing the right asking price based on numbers and facts. Asking too much might ultimately be more costly than asking too little for your property. Our professionally prepared Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) is available at no charge or obligation. To request a CMA, click here.

  3. Simplify the Transition - As you approach closing, John Lewis & Associates can you plan your move and any changes to your new home. To learn about how we can help, click here.

  4. Moving into or out of Michigan - If you’re moving within the U.S. or internationally, John Lewis & Associates can help you find the right community and the perfect home. You can view our Relocation Guide, which highlights some of our communities or for more personalized information, click here.




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