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With all the tools and advice available today, it would be possible for you to buy a home almost completely without the aid of real estate professionals. However, that is not necessarily recommended.


The housing market, like politics, is essentially local, and each state, city, and even neighborhood has an assortment of local laws and customs that you need to understand. For that, it helps to have a team of professionals to guide you. A buyer who is well informed, well prepared and represented by a skillful real estate agent has a much better chance of finding a home that they will love and purchasing it at a competitive price.


85% of sellers list their homes through an agent but those agents are working for the seller, not you. They're paid based on a percentage of the purchase price; therefore, it is in their best interest to get you to pay more. That’s why having an "exclusive buyer agent” because their allegiance is only to you.


Benefits of Hiring John Lewis & Associates as your Exclusive Buyer Agent


Beginning with a strategic consultation session, we discuss all aspects of the buying process and determine the best property criteria for you. Once we determine your needs and wants, we provide a personalized set of services, including:


  • Finance Assistance – We assist you in securing the best financing program for your specific interests. Additionally, we help you secure your mortgage, making it easier with everything being in-house.

  • Property Viewings – We provide daily emails on properties that fit your particular criteria and arrange private showings for any property you would like to visit.

  • Market Data – We compile a comparative market analysis so you know the true value of the homes you bid on as well as an analysis of property history.

  • Transaction Assistance – We give you a clear explanation of all forms and agreements, use our specialized knowledge to discuss strategy with you once property is chosen and recommend extremely competent affiliates with respect to your purchase.

  • Price Negotiations – We negotiate the best price and terms, from the initial bid offer to the final closing terms.

  • Closing – We are always available for you, throughout the entire purchase process, to answer any questions you have and make sure the closing process goes as smooth as possible.

  • Transition Assistance – As you approach closing, we help you plan your move and any changes to your new home.


We believe in a more personalized customer service while helping you make the right real estate choices. We understand that buying a house is a tremendous investment and will make your home buying experience positive and rewarding. With over 16 years in the real estate business, we know what it takes to get the job done. Please click here to request a consultation on buying a home.


For a snapshot of the buying process, click here.


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